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  1. Personal Support Rules
  2. Use of the Anonymous account
  3. Cooking for yourself as a single person
  4. College relationship
  5. What's up with this relationship?
  6. My friend is losing his grip on reality
  7. End of a relationship.
  8. Penis Pain After Ejaculation
  9. Can't Initiate a Relationship
  10. Try to salvage the friendship?
  11. I think my fish is dying
  12. Cum taste
  13. My new girlfriend...
  14. The Hymen
  15. Bisexual and don't know how to ask guys out
  16. So my friend is trying to hook me up with this guy
  17. can't come with girlfriend :(
  18. In-Laws
  19. Something is severely wrong. On Introspection and Depression.
  20. Getting on base... with a woman.
  21. headaches every day
  22. What the hell is with my emotions at the moment :@
  23. Robbed
  24. Night shift work
  25. How to make extra money?
  26. Having a hard time coming out >.<
  27. I broke up with my friend (this is kinda long)
  28. This isn't normal for a young guy, is it?
  29. Transfer Student...when to apply?
  30. trouble finding a christmas present
  31. Can I use flyer miles on Orbitz?
  32. Not happy with my life right now
  33. School life is going downhill?
  34. This gurl.
  35. Need Confidence Help
  36. MIP on Insurance Record?
  37. Sexuality and Trust
  38. Need work advice
  39. girl trouble
  40. from confused to happy to confused
  41. Housing and roommate difficulties.
  42. Help please
  43. Dealing with acne
  44. Shaving
  45. wtf is wrong with me (loooooong)
  46. UPS Help Please!
  47. How did you beat it?
  48. Need help with love stains
  49. Puppy driving me crazy
  50. Legal name change
  51. Life sucks.
  52. Replacements for Anti-Depressants
  53. she couldn't be pregnant...could she?
  54. bitches
  55. Can't stay hard
  56. i feel bad for you son
  57. Getting An Erection
  58. Not Okay With Being Single.
  59. Any tips on how to quit a bad habit?
  60. And that's how the story ends...
  61. Any ideas?
  62. ways to propose
  63. Wedding syndrome, or actually something?
  64. Tension within a college apartment
  65. Best ways to avoid a conflict
  66. I'm so depressed.
  67. I Need a Job..
  68. When she doesn't want sex..
  69. Financial Accounting Help..
  70. My girlfriend and her period?
  71. How do I stop this bad habit?
  72. Can't do anything productive lately
  73. What should I do?
  74. I need something to do.
  75. God I'm Bored
  76. Hair Removal
  77. Another Shaving Question
  78. Military
  79. Dealing with acne and scars
  80. Need help with life.. in general.
  81. Difficult Situation
  82. How to get over her?
  83. Embarassing sex problem
  84. Its coming back I think
  85. pregnancy advice
  86. Is this bad?
  87. how to tell her
  88. Antidepressants?
  89. Chiropractors
  90. Psychological Child Abuse?
  91. I'm off accutane!
  92. Shaving armpit hair (guys)
  93. Dates in a small town
  94. quick sex question
  95. Trouble with eyesight?
  96. Getting Scammed by Paypal
  97. Multiple people using the same computer...
  98. Girl Troubles.
  99. How to deal with it.
  100. What's wrong with me?
  101. What can I do...
  102. Long time girlfriend betrayed me
  103. A semi-complicated friendship.
  104. Want to come off Paxil...
  105. Jealousy
  106. Anyone know anything about SkinID?
  107. Shopping for a hotel room
  108. What Are The Chances
  109. Confused about my future
  110. My ear
  111. Another girl problem, yay
  112. Seeing a shrink in the UK
  113. helpp!!!
  114. severe mood changes
  115. Life has become boring
  116. Help me plan a three day trip to Washington DC
  117. I'm bisexual
  118. So I am coming out...
  119. I wanna figure out what to do with my life...
  120. Coming off mirtazapine
  121. Living Alone
  122. Anybody had any personal experience steriods?
  123. What are the chances of getting her pregnant?
  124. Late on filing taxes...
  125. I've fallen for my best friend
  126. I was arrested.
  127. Girlfriend and Parents
  128. Help Concerning Job
  129. Roommate Issue
  130. Boy Problems.
  131. Mosquito Bites?
  132. Body issues
  133. Bubblegum
  134. Drug Testing
  135. Drug Testing
  136. Wondering if I'm with the right person...
  137. Six months of recruiting
  138. I'm a skinny faggot
  139. I need ideas.
  140. How do you shave your balls?
  141. no idea what to do now
  142. Buying an Instrument
  143. Always feel fatigue
  144. Lower back pain after sleeping.
  145. I feel disgusting after I cum.
  146. Problem with not lasting long enough.
  147. Scornful of myself
  148. Credit card issuers (secured card)
  149. Explaining Porn to Girlfriend
  150. New dudes
  151. Pretty simple question, just need to get a second opinion
  152. sinusitis/tonsillitis/you're not a doctor
  153. Whipping myself back into shape
  154. Is there something wrong with me?
  155. Stand up comedy
  156. Well now that I've quit smoking pot, Im starting to have dreams again.
  157. Problem with my girlfriend
  158. First time having sex
  159. How to finger girls?
  160. Swollen Testicles?
  161. Do I have a chance?
  162. "Let me tell you about my life"
  163. I'm afraid I may be entering another bout with depression
  164. Eleven Months of Recruiting
  165. Relationship troubles, advice needed.
  166. I need to gripe. Sorry bitches.
  167. So there is this girl at school...
  168. Sex problems
  169. Unsure about career
  170. Accelerated Completion Degrees
  171. Got fired, dont know where to go from here
  172. education or some shit
  173. Bumps on my butt cheeks
  174. Moving out of town. Friends/jobs/etc.
  175. Just broke up with my girlfriend of 4 1/2 years. Why does it hurt so bad?
  176. Job hunting tips.
  177. Had an affair with best friend's wife.
  178. I'm so obvious...
  179. Need help with Girl
  180. Recommended Depression reading or websites?
  181. Girlfriend issues (Really long ass post, sorry)
  182. So I'm caught up in a real life soap.
  183. Over a Year of Recruiting
  184. My life, right now, is kinda the basis for an awful Ashton Kutcher romantic comedy.
  185. ATTN Amerifags
  186. meds and sex problems
  187. I feel like I have lost part of my life.
  188. Problem with activation
  189. I don't care about anything
  190. Want to gain weight- How should I approach this?
  191. Advice on majors
  192. proactive
  193. Adderall affecting day to day life
  194. Should I join a fraternity?
  195. What should I do? Guy problem.
  196. Women troubles
  197. How Honest Can I Be With A Doctor?
  198. My dreams are unreachable; and not reaching them will kill me.
  199. Moving out of state
  200. Quitting my job?
  201. Seeking a depression diagnosis
  202. difficulties concentrating
  203. 2nd Cousins
  204. Over Two Years on Recruiting
  205. Friend zone?
  206. What should I do?
  207. Many girls have told me I'm completely non-threatening. Is this good or bad?
  208. cant see the avengers, if i do im kicked out, thanks thor
  209. I have an annuity, but I need cash now.
  210. Cat vs Computer
  211. Girlfriend needs a break.
  212. Younger bro acting like a douche.
  213. My cousin is making disturbing imagery on LittleBigPlanet. Concerned.
  214. I'm uncomfortable with a girl who is my best friend
  215. Done With Recruiting!
  216. how to gently break up with a nice guy
  217. Girlfriend got drunk and made out with a guy.
  218. work stress
  219. Making Friends
  220. I call myself a non smoker, but I'm beginning to wonder how true that is.
  221. do college girlfriends transition to real life?
  222. Dream Last Night...
  223. i am just sad, all of the time.
  224. So, I kinda fucked something up a few weeks ago and don't know what to do.
  225. My girl wants to have a MMF threesome; not sure how I feel about this
  226. No License. Getting back into the dating game.
  227. Deal with student loans or move out with friends
  228. Ex randomly added a girl I'm seeing.
  229. Tension Headaches
  230. Met a girl online. A few issues.
  231. In debt and not sure how to get out.
  232. what if i can never close the door?
  233. My Weight Loss Journey
  234. Personal Trainer
  235. Care about Yourself
  236. Am I checking you out, or am I just some guy giving you the creeps?
  237. Need help with a bug bite and whether I should go to the doctor.
  238. Cheapest Price on Fifa Coins forFifa15coins4u Online
  239. Turntable problems
  240. Cleaning and Maintenance of Chandelier
  241. Ouchie on my booboo
  242. Recovering without religion