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  1. my poem
  2. A few of my poems
  3. Adobe Flash Help
  4. poems
  5. A Poem
  6. A Few of my Poems
  7. Some attempts at Prose
  8. Stop motion clips
  9. A poem I've been working on...
  10. Last thing I wrote called "Lonely Whores"
  11. Mirth, part 1
  12. Poems and a book.
  13. Limericks
  14. How do you deal with artists' block?
  15. Anyone want to write some lyrics? [SP REWARD!]
  16. I had an idea for a story, would it be worth my while even trying to develop it any?
  17. Story idear
  18. Journey of the Sea Traveller
  19. haikus from business class
  20. digital art [work in progress]
  21. An attempt at Satire I did during high school.
  22. Winter Photos.
  23. [WIP] Lil Wayne Wallpaper
  24. [WIP] Blood Brothers Wallpaper
  25. digital painting practice
  26. First Try...
  27. Windows
  28. Sweet tasting indulgence of an idiot
  29. Oh well I wouldn't call this art exactly but it's something that I did a fairly long
  30. Untitled V
  31. The Dream (short story)
  32. Alliteration!
  33. ok, so help
  34. Post your doodles
  35. Start New Game
  36. Well this has no title
  37. Hell while I'm at it
  38. Holy Carp its a Po-em.
  39. oh no...
  40. Taking up writing
  41. Photoshop... Maybe?
  42. So yeah, guys, I'm writing a play
  43. The Young Lady and the Space Lords
  44. Fine Standing in Line
  45. Building Your Own Frankenstein Monster
  46. Could someone clean up this album cover?
  47. The Dreamer (4000 Words)
  48. I have no idea
  49. Untitled Words
  50. Standup routine
  51. Sid Linner and The Missing Key
  52. Restless Night
  53. Letterary Figures
  54. In thee rych stylings of master lucifer
  55. Dee, Are you... Gee Es?
  56. On the Road to Casual Disc
  57. Posters for my friends' band...
  58. Of Moths and Men (Writing)
  59. Interesting Nature Fact, with Colby Farnham, PhD
  60. Should I work on this story or pretend it never happened?
  61. I'll make wallpapers for those who ask (or photoshop anything you want)
  62. How do you take feedback?
  63. Wishing for a Bridge
  64. So There I Was
  65. Good Morning
  66. Henrietta
  67. Chekov Said
  68. Racing the Devil on a Lonely Utah Highway
  69. Redskins Desktop/Wallpaper
  70. Cannon on my initials
  71. Literary topics
  72. Tik Tok parody song (work in progress)
  73. Harry Potter book cover interpretation
  74. Poem fragment I wrote today
  75. My Semester in Intaglio Printmaking
  76. Post a poem that you currently like
  77. Hey KT. Look at this unfinished digital stuff.
  78. Darth Vader art
  79. What do you see when you look at random?
  80. Shitty Poetry Time
  81. Favorite Poet/Artist?
  82. Falling off the Wagon
  83. Thinking of getting a t-shirt printed with a stencil I found
  84. Writing good poetry: Collected tips
  85. Translated Poetry
  86. Photorealistic Ball-Point pen drawings
  87. Avant Garden Rules and Regulations.
  88. Weekly Haiku Theme [4/2 to 4/8] - Theme: Accidentally Cutting Yourself
  89. Observations
  90. Not Long
  91. Post your paintings
  92. Jorge Luis Borges: The Other Tiger
  93. Fantasies and Daydreams
  94. Young Ladies
  95. Eccentricity
  96. Personal Blogs of Casual Discourse Suvivors
  97. Photoshop
  98. This needs a better name
  99. Uhm... Another one?
  100. Some of my latest T-Shirt designs
  101. Disaster in the mirror
  102. Anyone want an invite code for Art.sy beta?
  103. 3 poems for you to punish your eyes with
  104. For shits and giggles
  105. I had to write a fable for my lit class and I liked mine
  106. obsessive drawings
  107. I can colorize black and white photos