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  1. rename this forum
  2. Random pictures of fish I caught this year.
  3. 550 Cord
  4. My arsenal...
  5. Duck hunting
  6. Damn Lupara!
  7. I made a holster!
  8. Need a holster for CCW...
  9. I just ordered some tannerite.
  10. I bought one of those fancy BlackHawk Serpa holsters for my 1911
  11. So Im thinking about getting an NFA toy...
  13. Help Me Choose My Airsoft Gear
  14. Fancy meeting you all here
  15. New AR-15 stuff. Daniel Defense....
  16. Remington Model 10
  17. .22 LR conversion for my AR-15
  18. Wondering about gun lubrication? Don't know how to lube?
  19. What would you price this at?
  20. What is the next gun you want to get?
  21. My new Knife
  22. What kind of beer do you drink?
  23. Aside From Redneck Shit...
  24. Shotguns
  25. Beef Jerky
  26. What to do with tax return?
  27. Whitehouse.gov vs. Assault Weapons
  28. Who plays disc golf?
  29. S&W Model 438 Bodyguard
  30. Thinking about getting a revolver...
  31. If you could only have four guns, what would they be?
  32. New shotgun maybe...
  33. A Fallen Soldier
  34. Another New Swiss Army Knife
  35. National Right-To-Carry Reciprocity
  36. It's that time of the year again
  37. A change in reasoning
  38. VA Declines to Close "Gun Show Loophole"; Media Continues to Misrepresent Issue
  39. not carrying a gun
  40. Another Self-Defense opinion thinggy.
  41. Anyone ever been in a situation?
  42. 'Bout to start cookin'
  43. Folding Cooks Knife, perfect for camping!
  44. Backpacking Essentials
  45. My latest project - Remington 40x
  46. Looks Like I'm Going to College in North Jersey
  47. My F.I. Bronco .22/.410
  48. Pics I took at the range.
  49. New gun coming soon....
  50. I'm writing a paper on gun control
  51. Tales of the Black Canyon River
  52. Discimination against gun owners
  53. Home airsoft repair?
  54. New gun....
  55. My new gun.
  56. Idaho tells Congress: 'Cease & Desist' w-the Firearms Tyranny!!!!
  57. Went shooting yesterday....
  58. Finally...
  59. Help me find some parts...
  60. Tactical Scenario: Kar98k vs M1 Garand
  61. Gun porn...
  62. I couldnt help myself...
  63. New XD45 not accurate.
  64. So my brother bought a rossi
  65. Interesting Device I Saw in a Gun Rag...
  66. Galco Belly Band
  67. Thinking about a new optic setup...
  68. Just how hard...
  69. NRA wins again...
  70. Look what I got...
  71. Other redneck stuff...
  72. Identify this item
  73. The Evolution of the 20th Century American Service Rifle
  74. Okay, joke's over
  75. What's your favorite flavor of ammo?
  76. fishing
  77. The things people do to quality machinery
  78. Decisions, decisions.
  79. Defending against knife attacks... Redux
  80. Dryfire practice website.
  81. Question.
  82. Meow
  83. Diane Sawyer's Sensationalist Crap
  84. Going get my CCW Saturday...
  85. They finally got some ammo at my Wal-Mart
  86. Got a new magnifier for my AR-15
  87. Survival Rifle
  88. Jumping into Normandy
  89. Insight M3 Illuminator for my XD45.
  90. Guess them all and win absolutely nothing!
  91. So I Stole a Gun. . .
  92. Oh hey. I found you guys.
  93. Ruger Introduces a New Rifle
  94. Louisiana All-Veteran's Reunion (Day 1)
  95. Shootin' guns
  96. Bought another AR-15 lower...
  97. AR-15 Sight Mount
  98. New back up sights...
  99. "SHTF" Rifle?
  100. Guns allowed in National Parks! YEEEE-HAAAW!
  101. Hey AR guys...
  102. SCORE!!!
  103. Memorial Day
  104. Ive seen my share of dumb shit for guns....
  105. Finally shot the AR-7
  106. Gun-loving pastor to his flock: Piece be with you
  107. Need a Knife
  108. I hate chiggers...
  109. Pro-knife/Anti-knife?
  110. Pictures from Toledo Bend... (56K fuck off)
  111. New AR build status...
  112. New Thread for mah AR
  113. Girl-Friendly Home Defense
  114. New to me Dillon 550B
  115. Love is carp
  116. Gun Show interview
  117. Shooting a .22lr from 100 yards.
  118. What should I get for my reward to myself?
  119. Self defense calibers
  120. Internet Movie Firearms Database
  121. SAP Gloves, Anyone?
  122. .45 Colt v. .410 slug
  123. A Book I Once Read...
  124. Auto knives
  125. Just picked up a Winchester
  126. FN P90. The real one, not that street-legal pansy.
  127. Let there be light.
  128. Petition to save the M-14s.
  129. Full-auto HK MP5
  130. Ordered another AR-15 lower....
  131. Bore Snakes
  132. Carry Holsters
  133. S&W 12-2
  134. Hunting in VT
  135. Latest Impulse Buy
  136. Starting to build an AR-15
  137. New Pumper (possible project gun)
  138. War Books
  139. Almost done with this one...
  140. Bought a Smokepole. T/C Scout
  141. Anyone else excited for the ACR?
  142. Haiti
  143. Well since Im not getting an ACR.....
  144. International Terrorism Alert Levels
  145. Creek Fishing
  146. New (to me) .45
  147. My new Glock
  148. Just bought a Lee hand press. FUQUE YEAR!!!!
  149. Went pistol shooting today...
  150. McDonald v. Chicago
  151. Shooting pics...
  152. Steve Irwin had nothing on me! (Except for Crocodiles, Snakes and Everything Else)
  153. Fishing day
  154. Lets talk lights...
  155. S&W Kit Gun
  156. Navigational Expert
  157. Saving up for a new AR....
  158. Impulse buy .44 mag
  159. Win M70 Refinshed
  160. Something is wrong with my new lower...
  161. New grips:
  162. Yet Another Revolver
  163. New Glock
  164. Glock 30?
  165. .308 AR almost done..
  166. S&W copies Taurus...the end is near.
  167. Thinking about picking up a revolver...
  168. What knife is this?
  169. Finished the .308 AR
  170. Just ordered a new gun...
  171. New toys
  172. Got my new gun...
  173. What is Your Political Philosophy?
  174. Did a little work on the Draco AK pistol
  175. Some help pricing guns.
  176. Osama's Dead
  177. A few more.
  178. Looking for a new knife...
  179. Bushmaster's Carbon 15 AR
  180. Uh yes yes ya'll
  181. So Im at home by myself drinking....
  182. The Story of a Friend, a Car, and a Gun...
  183. This is my boomstick!
  184. Toys from Tulsa
  185. Got a new toy for one of my toys.
  186. .300 AAC Blackout
  187. Decisions decisions.....
  188. Corn cob pipe.
  189. Bought a plastic pistol. S&W M&P45
  190. Procrastinating With No Time Left
  191. Went pick up the .44 Mag
  192. Rules of The Great Outdoors
  193. New glass for the .308 AR. Millet DMS-1
  194. S&W M&P semi auto pistols?
  195. Kydex sheath and holster making...
  196. The Pathway to the USAF
  197. Finally got got the balls to do it...
  198. Went pick up my new gun.
  199. Anyone know anything about Smith and Wessons 1911PD?
  200. Ive been feeling really sick lately...
  201. $40 Brownells gift certificate for $20
  202. My first pump shotgun. Of course Id spend this much on accessories.....
  203. New grips
  204. Just spent $1100 on a handgun...
  205. Red dot on a pistol
  206. Got my FNP 45 Tactical
  207. Update to the gun collection.
  208. Cooper's Color Code
  209. Can't belive I have never owned a 9mm until now.
  210. Profiting from the Gun Control Debate and Other Thoughts
  211. So, Who Still Checks In Regularly?
  212. New content!
  213. New furniture for my Czech Mauser
  214. I refinished the stock on an old Ruger m77
  215. Felling trees in the great outdoors
  216. Pop a top with a chainsaw
  217. Refurishing an old axe. Rainy Day Picture Essay.
  218. New Project: Knife making