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  1. the Great AI Experiment Phase 1
  2. If you were a hardcore utilitarian, what would you spend all your time doing?
  3. Issues with foreign aid work (split from utilitarian thread)
  4. The Idea of Incentives
  5. The Far-Reaching Consequences of Legalizing Marijuana
  6. The War on Child Porn: A witch hunt?
  7. Characteristics of Politicians
  8. Benefits of Cretan Law
  9. Honesty in Democracy
  10. A Clockwork Orange-esque debate.
  11. Proposed US Defense Budget Changes
  12. Christian Doctors Angry Over "Conscience Rule" Reversal
  13. Rights Theory
  14. Eternal Life, Would You?
  15. "We can ban books!"... Hope and Change (TM), coming your way!
  16. The Electoral College
  17. EPA Labels Greenhouse Gases as Harmful Pollutants
  18. A Complete Epiphany on Abortion
  19. Soviet Social-Imperialism: An Introduction
  20. 9th Circuit Incorporates 2nd Amdmt (and forecloses a "living Constitution" to boot!)
  21. Parent's Rights, where do you stand?
  22. Abortion Ethics
  23. Would anyone care to help me out with some gov't/polysci stuff?
  24. Obama wants to cancel Yucca Mountain funding
  25. Better than democracy
  26. This gay marriage thing is blowin' up
  27. Paying For Health Care
  28. Welfare & Drug Testing
  29. Guns on school campuses?
  30. The "real" motivation for the invasion of Iraq
  31. Munk Debates - Foreign Aid does more Harm than Good
  32. Legalizing Mary-Jane Yes or No?
  33. "Abortion addiction"
  34. I just can't understand Einstein...
  35. Anti-Arab/Muslim sentiment in the United States
  36. Zionist Influence on American Foreign Policy
  37. Art and the postmodern: What is art?
  38. What is art?
  39. "The Great Silence"
  40. You could be Phineas Gage, minus the massive brain injury
  41. Mahmoud al-Mabhouh Assassination
  42. Operation Titstorm
  43. Random AI thread
  44. Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports
  45. Robin Hood Tax
  46. Iran and the Bomb
  47. Violent rhetoric and the shooting in AZ
  48. The Gold Standard issue
  49. Julian Assange and Wikileaks
  50. Atheists
  51. Oil Dependency
  52. Ban on veils
  53. Healthcare Reform
  54. What is Obama's new jobs bill and what will it do?
  55. The War on Drugs
  56. Derrida's Signatures
  57. Question about ignorance
  58. Christopher Hitchens
  59. Internet as Text
  60. The First AI "Bullshit Contest"
  61. Feminism
  62. Do The Right Thing (1989): Did Mookie Do the Right Thing? Does that make you racist?
  63. And the award for Most Racist Oscars Presenter goes to...
  64. AI Rules, In Brief
  65. FYI, the bullshit contest has been postponed
  66. "Why I'm voting Republican"
  67. Nietzsche eternal return
  68. Is a 3rd party vote a wasted vote?
  69. On the Role of the Individual in History
  70. Flames and the rise of the shitlord
  71. Hello, and UFOs, really?
  72. Free will, both real and not