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  1. Oranges.
  2. nom nom nom (another mess hall thread)
  3. buying unsweetened applesauce was not one of my best ideas
  4. Boy I really need some hash right now...
  5. bring back the mess hall
  6. [the mess hall] i just had a great salad
  7. [The Mess Hall] My first time making a quiche
  8. [THE MESS HALL] itt we name our top 8 favourite pizza toppings in no particular order
  9. [the mess hall] sausage pad thai experiment
  10. [the sausage pad] thai mess experiment hall
  11. [mess hall] so i'm eating this awesome curry
  12. [the mess hall sausage pad]the mother sauces
  13. [mess hall]the new dominos pizza is still crap
  14. [Mess Hall] Taco Pie
  15. [The Mess Hall] wednesday is falafel wednesday
  16. [the mess hall] so I started drinking tea
  17. [mess hall] Onii shiro hajime suuUUUUSHi kawaii HAI *^_^*
  18. [The Mess Hall] Whatthefuckshouldimakefordinner.com
  19. [The Mess Hall] spinach is way cheaper than lettuce here
  20. [the mess hall] the grocery store near my house sells really good sushi
  21. [Mess Hall] Just made some fucking chicken
  22. the new name of flames is...
  23. [The Mess Hall] I am eating a blueberry bagel
  24. [The Mess Hall] so a five guys burger and fries opened up in my town
  25. [The Mess Hall] attn: mutton
  26. [The Mess Hall] pasta
  27. [The Mess Hall] Post your Subway rotation
  28. Soft and Hard Tacos
  30. [The Mess Hall] I wish we had nazi mcdonaldses here
  31. [the mess hall] eatin' healthy (continued from pre-daitengu eating the server))
  32. [the mess hall] I had lobster bisque today.
  33. [The Mess Hall] so i went down to the farmer's market today
  34. [the mess hall]] i'm making bacon vodka
  35. [The Mess Hall] ATTN: KT
  36. [the mess hall] welladjusted where the fuck is my latte
  37. [the mess hall] I just waited 50 minutes to cook five chicken wings
  38. [the mess hall] My bananas used harden
  39. [The Mess Hall] How to make black colored food look even less appetizing
  40. [the mess hall] gotta go grocery shopping
  41. [the mess hall] so i tried the pumpkin spice latte from starbucks
  42. [the mess hall] so i got a KitchenAidŽ stand mixer for x-mas
  43. [the mess hall] Fat Boy Treats
  44. [the mess hall] does anyone have any good tilapia recipes?
  45. [the mess hall] i made cheese wontons
  46. [The Mess Hall] This oven pizza
  47. [The Mess Hall] attn: anony d
  48. [The Mess Hall] I just ate some slightly undercooked pork
  49. [Official] What is the last thing you ate?
  50. Apple Pie Baked in the Apple
  51. Terrible Service Bitch Thread
  52. Beef Jerky
  53. Odd eating habits
  54. Odd Food Combinations
  55. A Two Bite Breakfast: Bacon & Eggs in Toast Cups
  56. How much does is cost [alcohol edition]?
  57. Tomato sauce
  58. The worst drink
  59. Aspen Mulling Spices - anyone else love this stuff?
  60. Spicy honey cocoa
  61. English Literature