First and foremost, hello to all. I used to frequent living with style back in the day. Is anyone from 05-09 still around? Mad pino rage? Pink sock? No...well alright.
What are we to make of all these new UFO sightings? This time, not viewed by some random dude, but the military? Surely that adds some credibility?
No. It doesnt. The military consists of men, and women. Humans, with various views on the likelihood of aliens. I am happy to entertain the idea, but it just doesn't hold water.
The only way to properly analyze the situation is to first recognize the vastness of space, and simultaneously our tendency as humans to imply agency where there is none.
We have a handful of grainy clips and first hand testimonies of strange objects. We also have a gut feeling to trust the military, forgetting that they are people, just like anyone. We must ask ourselves what is more likely. That aliens have traveled lightyears to this very spot, then hide in the ocean, or build pyramids, or whatever...or, possibly, are human imaginations a bit easier to influence than people realize?