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Thread: Free will, both real and not

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    Default Free will, both real and not

    I'll just get right to it. I am influenced in my opinion by dennett and carrol, Harris and Hitchens. A genuine and skeptical view of their ideas has led me to what I feel is the most honest conclusion about free will. Our best understanding of physics tells us that our immediate future is determined, absolutely. However, we are not aware of this. Therefore, our consideration of the effect of our actions is crucial. Free will is indeed an illusion, but since it is utterly impossible to decipher it (at the moment), we have free will in a sense. A sense that a moth does not. A lizard does not. Perhaps our awareness of our own future based on our actions is a measure of consciousness? But I digress. Free will is both unreal, yet real to us simultaneously. Ideas?

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    In short, free will does exist and its terrifying because we are largely responsible for our own lives.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrTroy View Post
    In short, free will does exist and its terrifying because we are largely responsible for our own lives.
    I agree, it is us who create our choices in life.

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