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Thread: Unknown Hinson - The Greatest Country & Western Troubador

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    Cool Unknown Hinson - The Greatest Country & Western Troubador

    Looking somewhat like Dracula's nasty little brother who spent some hard years drinking and working as a carnival barker for a second-rate freak show, Unknown Hinson translates that vibe to his style of country and western-tinged psychobilly. Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, this red-necked crooner gained regional popularity with a self-produced television show in 1992 and soon was touring nationwide, wowing audiences with his outrageous and campy, white-trash persona and freewheeling, sleazy tone. Hinson’s most recent CD release, “Target Practice”, melds weepy twang and searing guitar riffs and lyrics that speak of love-gone-bad and the dark side of the honky-tonk lifestyle. Raucous, theatrical and over-the-top, Unknown Hinson isn’t just for the trailer park set anymore!
    He's toured with Hank3 and Rev. Horton Heat.
    Billy Bob Thornton names Unknown as one of his favorite songwriters and a genius picker. Matt Groening (the Simpsons) labels Unknown as a guitar maniac (and funny as hell to boot!) Hank3 has Unknown's face tatooed on his bicep! Marty Stuart introduced him as his illegitimate brother at the Ryman in Nashville, and is placing Unknown on the front cover of his upcoming book of personal photographs. Tom Petty came backstage at a Hollywood event to ask Unknown how he gets his "sound". The Rolling Stones invited him to participate in the soundcheck session for their latest show in Charlotte, NC.
    Unknown is also gaining notoriety (and fans) as the voice of lead character "Early Cuyler" in the popular new show from Cartoon Network "The Squidbillies". The first season was so well-received that an immediate green light was given to two more seasons.
    What do ventriloquism, hoola hoop contests, target practice, monster sideburns, and hellacious guitar solos have in common? Book Unknown Hinson and find out!

    Source: [ame=""]Unknown Hinson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]
    Unknown Hinson was an only child named after his father "says right there on my birth certificate—Mama: Miss Hinson. Daddy: Unknown." and raised by his mother who gave him his first guitar. After his mother's mysterious disappearance, Unknown ran off and joined the circus as part of the sideshow, where he learned how to lift 50-pound weights with his tongue and a variety of other skills.
    Later, Hinson was convicted of various trumped-up charges, including three counts of murder, 19 paternity suits, vampirism and random grave-robbing offenses and was sentenced to thirty years in prison. He was released in 1993 and set forth to reclaim his long-denied musical legacy.


    Venus Bound

    Undead Blues

    Unknown Hinson Interview on the Big Dick Daily Show

    Check out more of his music on the Youtube mix list.


    Order off official website or find all his music available on Amazon + support CD.

    Future is Unknown
    [ame=""] Future Is Unknown: Unknown Hinson: Music[/ame]

    Target Practice
    [ame=""] Target Practice: Unknown Hinson: Music[/ame]

    Rock and Roll Straight From Hell [EP]
    [ame=""] Rock N Roll Is Straight From Hell: Unknown Hinson: Music[/ame]

    More from Amazon on here

    Official Website
    Wikipedia Article
    [ame=""]Unknown Hinson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]


    This man is the kang better than Elvis and The Beatles combined. He gets all the womerns and he ain't kiddin.
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    This man has had my stamp of approval for some time now. But he keeps taking it off
    lik dis if u cry evertim
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    Oh I was expecting a guide to making meth

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