The venue is actually a classroom in a converted school-gone-studiohouse, and the last show I went to was pretty weak, but this one was something else. This guy managed to draw a crowd of 45~ people in this tiny town, which is a pretty good draw here, and led to a great atmosphere in the studio.

He plays mostly blues stuff, although with a lot of straight up or folk influenced music as well. He is an extremly good guitarist, and more than once, was layering his songs with a loop pedal to incredible effect. He did a rendition of Eleanor Rigby that was very, very good, and had two noticeably incredible songs, the first being a kickass blues song with some badass slide guitar soloing and riffing in it, and the last being a cover of "Fire" by Hendrix which was mindblowing. He covered the Doors as well, having as many as 5 guitar tracks running at the same time on his loop pedal, but without it being messy or muddy for "Light my Fire"

I don't have any footage of the show at the moment, although I may later. His latest CD is Brickyard Road, which I'm trying to get (buying it over the internet is pointless, he lives literally a 5 minute drive from me), and I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's pretty good.

Here is a link to a video of a song he played at the show, although this is from a different performance.