Sitting in a car with you,
Talking to me while I ignore,
Staring into the distance,
Across the horizon,
With you yelling in my ear.
I don't, I do not.

Fantasies of just grabbing you,
By your hair and exerting force,
Breaking your face across this dashboard,
Daydreaming of lashing out,
And striking you in the face.

My ears no longer work,
With your voice in my head,
My mind is blank,
As you speak yours,
I'm not listening anymore,
I can't, I can not.

Fantasize about violence,
Blood and sweat,
Tears and truth.
In my dreams you only cry.

Talk shit,
With that dirty little mouth,
When I'm sitting right here,
A million miles from nowhere,
Speak your mind,
I may not be listening,
But that doesn't mean I don't hear

Try to cut deep,
Twist the dagger in the wound,
Cry when it only hurts you,
And no apologies.

And no more apologies,
Especially not from me.