I wrote this for shits and giggles, someone wanted a rap off of me, so I humored them:


The things you think
Mixed with the things you see
Makes you act all crazily
Gettin' mad when you think of me
Cause you don't do nothin but masturbate
While I get shook like a Magic 8,
In my court
Don't come close unless you want your feelins hurt
Don't care 'bout you, fuck nah,
Took my dose of fuckitall
Laughin at you bastards,
Watchin' while you graspin,
For straws when there ain't no havin'
A way for you to trash me
Was born in the fire,
Call me a liar
Wrap your face 'round this tire iron
Don't care about you, fuck nah
Took my dose of fuckitall
Don't have a troop of bitches,
Followin' me to do my dishes,
Maybe jes you,
But ya'll just fuckin snitches
Sayin yer a big time playa
That you'll make me hurt
Fuckin faggot, you could only gimme the herps
You sucked off all your boys
So run home and play with your toys
Was never one for braggin,
But lemme show you who i'm baggin
10 as my main, your sis on the side,
When I come down the street,
Even your moms begs me to cum inside,
I'm your new dad bitch,
Yer bitch disrespects you,
No use actin respectful
When she wanna swap fluids with me,
And get her a mouthful,
Gotta sit and take that dude,
Otherwise your whole crew gonna rape you
Runnin with them faggots
Jus go ahead and lay your ass in the dirt,
with your feelins hurt,
And go to sleep with those maggots.