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    These are my most recent poems (i.e. written in the past few weeks); generally when I write I do it to put it to some music I've made or something along those lines.

    poem one

    A dry riverbed is the best I can do
    It looked like it’s far away father
    It looked just like another
    But your papers don’t even know you
    And your papers can’t even tell

    I’ll follow with just a hint and a notion
    Maybe the dust will succumb to water
    Turn heel from your mother’s daughter
    I’ll search for a sky in motion
    To bring life to these bleached bones

    poem two

    This empty feeling
    Staring straight ahead
    You’ll never know why
    You’ve answered everything
    But it haunts you
    Like a thin sheet in the cold
    And it gets at you
    More than anyone would ever know

    And with your stories to tell
    Your mouth does motions
    You find yourself in circles
    If you manage anything at all
    You know better
    Wake up before the dream
    Makes you really think
    There was ever really anything at all

    poem three

    Pointing my eyes toward the clock
    I shoot it stares I would never dare-
    Send through the air to try to scare
    And I think and I think and I think.
    It calmly replies with a cool tick-tock
    A single line that would fit my mind-
    That is always there but never on time
    So I wait and I wait and I wait.
    If it knew the worries it made
    Would it forget it all and retreat from the wall?
    Or if it knew the money I’d pay
    Would its hands fly around and around and around?

    poem four

    I could go on
    Continue my disappearing act
    You’ll know when I’m done
    When you see me
    Only in your memories
    Until I disappear
    The beads of sweat will remain
    Falling with a crash
    Thinking every step will be my last
    But I will go on

    In before sycld comes in and tries to convince me that I'm less of a man because my poetry sucks.
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