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Thread: A Few of my Poems

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    Default A Few of my Poems

    The Falling

    Cities will fall as lepers skin
    Charnal winds, sanctify and begin
    Herein lies redemption of sin
    Commence the slaughter of your kin

    Life will pale as a soldier upon a knife
    Foolishness on a grand scale, result of strife
    Empty vessels will be sent to a lonely wife
    Memories, bravery, honour, at the cost of life

    We must break this chain, remove the seal
    While the pious kneel, forward the dawn we shall steal
    Pull the sun from the sky, as the tides rise
    Complete encompassing darkness, lamenting cries

    The End

    Let the meteors rain, let the flies swarm
    Let the depths unfurl the void and unknown
    From the seas, spew forth what you possess
    Let the rich lose all they obsess

    Let the world drown in its greed
    Let those who indulge be in dire need
    Let the spokes turn, the others burn
    Animosity cannot be unlearned

    Stoke the fires with the bodies of the dead
    Let their souls be fuel, ashes their bed
    Apocalypse, release, rapture, the end
    Rules of life will break, not bend

    The Mirror

    A mirror sits in pieces on a dirty floor
    Jagged, torn, aged by time and more
    Reflections are blank, dull, listless
    It lays there; broken, no purpose

    A small man with shaggy hair walks in
    Age and disease has eaten his once friendly grin
    Picking up a corner of the broken mirror
    He wipes it clean, then gasps in fear

    What he sees upsets him most
    An empty shell of a man, simply a ghost
    Looking deep within the pupils of his eyes
    He cries, and falls to his knees to realise

    That once, he was great and well known
    All but the blasphemous king upon the throne
    Monotonous flutes whine and cry out loud
    The sound of a man falling, who once was proud

    Tabula Rasa

    Thousands of closed eyes, blinded by lies
    Their actions confined by corporate ties
    They sit and wait, unaware of inevitable fate
    When they will be wiped like chalk from slate

    Tabula Rasa, again it will be
    Once again, nobody will ever see
    The light behind the lies they illuminate
    Too bright to understand, or to state

    Blinded we struggle on and on
    Until a cliff will be stumbled upon
    The mystery, heresy, in death we see
    We have once again repeated history
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