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  1. Moissanite Wedding Sets VS Diamond Wedding Sets side by side

    This is a reseach from BBBGEM that Comparing moissanite and diamonds side by side from 4 aspects:Market;Comparison the definition;Color, hardness,natural or not, grade and other attributes;Price difference
    Moissanite is one of diamond alternatives. Itís fire appears better than diamond, but the price is only 1/10 of diamond. Moissanite is well known and recognized by people these years. In the foreign market moissanite is also at a high heat sales situation.
    Comparison ...
  2. Assigning the Values in Counting Cards

    To take the value of a card-counting system further, we need to know exactly how much each card is worth. To determine this, we simulate a benchmark single-deck game using the basic strategy. As mentioned in Chapter 2, we come up with an expectation of -0.02%.
    We then simulate the same basic strategy in a single-deck game that has one card removed, for example a 2, and note the resulting expectation of +0.38%. Comparing the expectation of the two games gives us a measure of how valuable the ...
  3. Greetings My Fellow Humans!!!

    It looks like a now qualify for my own blog.
    This is so cool because I have been waiting forever to make some postings.
    Anyhow, it is Friday night and I am heading out of the door, but I shall return with some cool stuff to talk (or write) about!
    Cheers and have a good weekend.
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  5. i need help on a guy

    sooo , me && this guy been talking for about two months && we started dating 3 days ago ... (but we never seen each other in person .) he is 20 && im 16 .... i don't want to date him ... but when he asked me out && i didn't wanna say no && be mean . what do i say to him (nicely) to break up with him ???? help me please ....
  6. You have included a total of 3000 images in your message. The maximum number that you

  7. Notice something?

    Quote Originally Posted by DaiTengu View Post

    If you find an ad interesting click it.

    This is more of a CPM network so I get paid based on how many ads display not on how many are clicked.
    dear blog,
    mood: clicky

    i think i may have done something very bad today.
  8. Dicks. Diques. Dix.

    I haven't had my dick sucked since my birthday, March 25th. But I've gone down on this girl a few times since then. I am a pro with my tongue(because my dick sucks), and I get bitches off with that shit. Thanks Sole, your post in PS about how to go down on a girl on LWS helped me in that department.

    Who wants to suck my dick?
  9. Life Goals

    Dear Interfucks,

    Yesterday everyone made fun of me.

    Today they die.

    Tomorrow I'm going for a swim