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Thread: Sitting here thinking (and drinking)

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    Default Sitting here thinking (and drinking)

    So, while listening to Celtic Frost just now I realized my computer speakers are over seven years old. Not too fascinating in itself, but when I first bought them they were used as a poor man's surround sound with my $25 console TV purchased at the Fort Campbell Thrift Store. A couple RF to A/V cables at Radio Shack and I was good to go with my clearance DVD/VCR combo. The TV and DVD/VCR are both gone now, the picture was never too good, and I finally broke the tube dropping it a few years ago, while the DVD stopped working and the VHS started eating tapes. Funny, a couple years earlier I could manhandle the TV but suddenly it became a little too big for me to handle. These computer speakers were purchased at a time when a computer was a luxury I did not even consider, now they amuse me while surfing Youtube in drunken states.

    Went to VA on leave last week. Multiple country and even rock songs have been written that could be applied to my reception with the family so I just stayed outside, worked on my tan (and hence more skin cancer) and fixed vehicles the whole time. Bypassed the heater core on the F-250 after it busted, got it started and sold it for $450 to a guy in need of a truck. Put belts on the '89 Mercedes, swapped the battery under warranty and got it running yet again. Changed the oil and swapped or recharged the air filters on the Mustang and Sierra. Also tried to smooth out the old rear engine Murray lawn mower the in-laws own. Got her going but the transmission is still a pain to shift. The neighbor let me pull his 16-foot trailer up there, so I brought the old Willys back down here and finally picked up the rebuilt carburetor that I dropped off a few years ago. Gas mileage dropped from 16 mpg with the empty trailer to 12 with the loaded one. The Willys will give me a much needed project so that I may avoid future posts such as this one. Much better to get drunk outside, pass out and wake up not only eaten by mosquitoes but with a fifty year old vehicle lying on your leg.

    Anyway, just an update to let people know I'm still around and ornery as ever. Gotta get back to the beer and finish my AVGN episodes.

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    the va is paying me to go to school fuckyeahgovernment!

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