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Thread: What podcasts do you listen to?

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    Default What podcasts do you listen to?

    I only listen to The NoSleep Podcast and Cox and Crendor.

    The NoSleep Podcast is a horror/thriller podcast with a bunch of different stories from the reddit sub forum NoSleep.

    The newer seasons contain 5 or 6 stories per episode, though you can only gain access to the first two or three unless you pay for the season pass. The first two or three seasons are free completely.

    As you would expect, it's hit or miss with the stories but I've listened to all the free ones and season 4,6,8 I have paid for. I recommend starting with season 2. Everyone has their own idea of what a good scary story is and I can guarantee you will find more than a few that satiate your needs.

    Cox and Crendor is, as they put it, quality non-content.

    I had no idea who these two were when my friend made me listen to the podcast on a road trip. It is funny. Just every day conversation funny but it's great. The episodes are only 30 minutes with a few outliers. Definitely good if you have a bit of a commute.

    Oh they are two twitch streamers/gamer extraordinaires haha Wowcrendor and Jesse cox.

    Actually now that I mention it I have listened to a few cooptional podcasts as well, though they run three hours, are only on YouTube I think... maybe SoundCloud as well. A very good podcast for game reviews. Between the four people on (TotalBiscuit, Jesse Cox, DexBonus/presshearttocontinue, and a guest (quite often wowcrendor) they cover pretty much any game you are looking to play.

    What podcasts do you listen to?
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    The Greatest Generation
    (A Star Trek podcast by two guys who are a little embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast)
    The Greatest Generation | Maximum Fun

    That's really about it. I will sometimes listen to NDGT's Star Talk when there's nothing else to listen to.

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    Lots of them.

    The Adam and Dr. Drew Show
    ABC News This Week
    Meet the Press
    Short Circuit (published by the Institute for Justice, a sorta-bi-weekly discussion of significant circuit court decisions)
    We the People (published by the National Constitution Center, a discussion of constitutional issues)
    Intelligence Squared (debates on a wide variety of issues, the winner being the side that changes the most minds)
    Skeptoid (skeptical podcast discussing pop culture topics and historical legends, examining them for their veracity)
    Skeptic's Guide to the Universe (skeptical podcast discussing any number of topics, interviews with guests, what's this sound?, Science or Fiction, all around fun)
    Federalist Society Events

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