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Thread: Final Fantasy X HD update for PS Vita

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    Cool Final Fantasy X HD update for PS Vita

    Quote Originally Posted by The Whole Article
    The title says it all. One of the few well received bits of news during this morning's Sony TGS press conference, Square-Enix has announced that they'll bring the PS2 hit to the Vita and its big brother in remastered form. Details on exactly what this means were scarce, but we imagine it'll look prettier and prettier-er on the Vita and PS3, respectively.
    That's right, finally you'll be able to earn trophies for the 100+ hours of post-game play to get everyone's ultimate weapon, have Lulu dodge 200 lightning strikes, and have Waka win 200+ Blitzball games. All your fellow FF geek friends will be so jealous at your achievements.

    As for any new content to the game? Nothing said so far. Just said to be remastering the game for HD so it'll just be like God of War I + II Collection and the upcoming Ico and Shadow of the Colossus collection.

    With this in mind, maybe SquaresoftEnixEidosInteractive will remake FF7. /hope
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    Yeah that'd be nice, or if Square could focus on Kingdom Hearts 3 that'd be nice to

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    man dodging those 200 lightning bolts was annoying
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    fuck yes.

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