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Thread: Residents Evil 7 [spoilers]

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    Default Residents Evil 7 [spoilers]

    So I recently made it through my first play of Resident Evil 7.

    I really enjoyed the spook factor they had at the beginning of the game (the dad was pretty creepy and the grandma popping up out of nowhere). I found that didn't last very long and even the human experiments lost their thrill once you got the better weapons and got the hang of the game.

    I found that the selection of enemies was super bland. Other than the bosses there were the oogy boogies (that's what my friend and I called them), the oogy boogies that crawled on the ground, the oogy boogies that had one big arm, bugs, and the guys that threw up everywhere. One of my favourite things about Resident Evil 4 is that halfway through the game you are introduced to those scary odd looking things that you can hear from far away and have to use a thermoscope to kill. They were terrifying and that's what Resident Evil is about. So I found that rather disappointing.

    Another thing I was disappointed by was the build up for the grandma led to pretty much nothing. She popped up in random places for 3/4 of the game (freaking the crap out of me) and turns out she's the final boss and the easiest one to kill. The bosses actually got easier as the game went on.

    It was fun and I will definitely play it again. Much better than RE 5 and RE 6. Hoping for the replay value of 4. I've heard that it's much better on hard.

    The game was pretty short but all in all it was fun. To be fair I haven't played the DLC yet and I imagine the rest of the game is in that (like most games).

    The story line was very good though. They did a great job of letting you figure out what is actually going on and how it got this way. Easy to miss a lot of the files though.

    Anyone else played? Thoughts?
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    I haven't played a RE game since Code Veronica, but may start again one day. I was a big fan of the original.

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