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Thread: Geopolitical simulation set in the year 1990

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    Politics Geopolitical simulation set in the year 1990

    Balance of Power XV is a simulation of the world starting on January 1, 1990. Players may join as countries, parties, individuals, militant groups, intelligence agencies, or most any other position they can think of.

    The game is played by either sending a private message to the Gamemaster (aka GM, person in charge of the game, in this case Ismail) describing what you intend to do, or by responding to "issue threads." The latter are threads created by the GM and dedicated to a specific issue. The replies players make in the thread (or messages sent to the GM if the player desires a covert response) result in the GM updating the thread as the issue develops throughout the course of days, weeks, months or years. These replies can either be in the form of declarations by players as to their opinions or intentions, or actual policies undertaken by a player-country.
    It is cool and you should join right now.
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    Soon we'll be running a geopolitical simulation set in the year... 2009!

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