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  1. I dont even use the word cliche. lol
  2. ignore me i'm clearly going crazy
  3. ?!!? wat

    I'm more than positive I remember you saying they were shit cliche music.
  4. What are you talking about. I love Skynard.
  5. So, I remember you saying you hated Lynrd Skynrd.

    I've given this some thought, and I listen to a lot of them, I've come to this conclusion.
    Not liking them is one thing, but to deny they are amazing musicians..?!
    I can't see it, this music is awesome, this-will-stand-the-test-of-time kind of music that will always be great, another example being The Doors.

    So, is it just that you're in a dislike because they promote the redneck lifestyle which you dislike (I guess? only logical explanation I could come up with)

    What's the deal bro
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