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  1. Ah, went to Jacksonville in December to visit a friend. I gotta say, the beach in December was just something else. The contrary weather really threw my senses, but at the same time, it was so gorgeous that I didn't care.
  2. Just went to Florida and tried to spend some time on the beach. Weather mostly sucked except for the last two days. Had some good curry in Panama City and just checked out Florida around there.
  3. Visited New Orleans at the start of spring break, but for the most part, visited with family and friends in my hometown and various other places. You do anything wild and crazy during spring break?
  4. Yeah same here. Did you go anywhere or do something fun for spring break? Right now, I'm just winding down and getting ready for classes tomorrow.
  5. Not a whole lot. Had a satisfying spring break and surprisingly ready for class tomorrow. Currently debating on what to have for dinner.
  6. Whats up buddy
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