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Vengeful Scars

Dicks. Diques. Dix.

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I haven't had my dick sucked since my birthday, March 25th. But I've gone down on this girl a few times since then. I am a pro with my tongue(because my dick sucks), and I get bitches off with that shit. Thanks Sole, your post in PS about how to go down on a girl on LWS helped me in that department.

Who wants to suck my dick?

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  1. WellAdjusted's Avatar
    I vote bring back that post.

    Because everyone should know.
  2. Nermy2k's Avatar
    I disagree
  3. thank mr skeltal's Avatar
    You know what sucks? This blog.
  4. Vengeful Scars's Avatar
    He dick scarf, My blog is 100 times better than yours. And Dai Tengu's