Rules of Nerdcore

First and foremost, please follow the general rules of Casual Discourse (TBA).

  • Be respectful of others
    It's perfectly fine to disagree with someone. I encourage discussion and debate, but don't be that guy. There's almost nothing more annoying than the Obnoxious Alpha Nerd. The Obnoxious Alpha Nerd intimidates others. The Obnoxious Alpha Nerd does not add to the discussion in a meaningful way. The Obnoxious Alpha Nerd berates people who are less knowledgeable or who have differing opinions. Don't be an Obnoxious Alpha Nerd.
  • Use spoiler tags when necessary and no spoilers in thread titles
    Use [spoiler=Option]value[/spoiler] or [spoiler]value[/spoiler] in your post to hide spoilers unless the thread title indicates there will be spoilers inside (eg "Batman and Robin [Spoilers]"). If in doubt whether to use spoiler tags or not, use them. Offending posts and thread titles will be edited appropriately.
  • All levels of nerds are welcomed
    This goes along with being respectful of others but I want to make it a point that EVERYONE is welcomed here. I believe everyone has a nerd muscle. Some people have just worked that muscle more than others. If your nerd muscle is weak don't be afraid or intimidated. Add what you can to the discussion and by all means feel free to ask questions.
  • All nerdy topics are welcomed
    Please feel free to post a thread over anything you consider nerdy (except video games, that goes in Gamer's Haven). I mainly make threads regarding comic books because that's what I know. Other topics that come to mind include table top games, pen and paper RPGs, cosplay, and card games. However, please do not feel limited to these areas of discussion.

Examples of Bad and Good posts

Bad post
KT, you must be retarded to like Stapleman Detective. I picked up the recent issue and it sucked so hard. Why the fuck would Stapleman kill the Paperclip right after they agreed to find Office Girl? SO DUMB
Good post
I don't really understand the appeal of Stapleman Detective. I think the writing is cliche and the plot of the most recent issue didn't make sense.