It is already known that today the fashion on the Internet leads us to know why it is talked about cloud computing: what is it and how we can benefit.

Concept Cloud Computing.-
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At present and perhaps without much account, we use cloud computing, but before delving into that, we will see what it means.

According to wikipedia is:

Cloud computing are servers from the internet responsible for responding to requests at any time. You can access your information or service, via an internet connection from any mobile or fixed device located anywhere. They serve their users from several hosting providers that are also frequently distributed throughout the world. This measure reduces costs, ensures better uptime and makes websites invulnerable to hackers, local governments and police raids.
In other words, cloud computing comes to be the network of computers that have as purpose to give a service (whatever it is) based on the internet.

Examples of cloud computing services are many, and I will point out just a few.

Google (services like gmail, youtube, the search engine, etc ...)
Now if that is the cloud then which is in itself the technological advance, because it seems to be that the cloud is the internet itself.

Architecture of the Cloud.-
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Claro the cloud are the servers of the internet. but here we must differentiate something, which is the architecture of the cloud, that is indeed the scientific advance and consists of the following.

As many more people joined the Internet therefore the companies that provided some service, example case like google and others, tended a strong demand for requests to their servers, therefore it was a very high cost if any of their servers could fail, since before the cloud architecture the servers were independent of all. This led to a solution to this problem.

Therefore the cloud architecture was born and basically is the following:

Unite the power of all the independent servers and together make a great force that at the same time does not depend on each server.

Taking that as a premise, then in the architecture of the cloud happens that all the requests that arrive, not only go to a server, but that go to the set of servers with this occurs what is called load balancing.

This topic we can delve into another article, let's go back to cloud computing.

Benefits of Cloud Computing.-

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Among the benefits that we can obtain as users, the most prominent are the following.

Possibility of accessing your services from anywhere in the world
Do not have the need to install extra software to use software in the cloud. (except for a browser)
Possibility to access your services on mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc ...)
Have an easy scalability of resources provided by our service provider.
Among other benefits we can find.

Another basic tutorial here: