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Thread: Uninstalling Vista

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    Default Uninstalling Vista

    Hey TT, been a long time anyone posted..

    anyways, in December I upgraded to Windows 7, and clicked the UPGRADE option so that it would keep my system files etc. I also have the option of dualbooting 7/Vista, and I never use Vista anymore.. no reason to. The only reason I did it was to keep my files, but now I see that I'm running low on hard drive space. The school year has started and I don't have time to reformat my desktop, nor do I have an external hard drive to back up my files. Is there another way I can remove Vista [without backingup/reformatting]? I fricken look at my "Windows" Folder and its 18GB... then when I look at Windows.Old it's 32GB, such a waste of fricken space. They are both partitioned on my C drive too...

    But I learned my lesson, I'm about to upgrade my laptop to 7, [finally made the decision since for my business programming class they give me windows 7 for free], and I'm just gonna do a clean install, because Vista just gives me a shitload of problems, like my previous thread where I haven't been able to run Windows Update on my laptop for the past 10 months.

    I mean I can delete my 50gb of porn to make space... but that's still on my D drive so not that helpful .

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    Don't be lazy - wipe it clean and start over. It'll take all of 2-3 hours to repartition, reinstall the OS, install software/drivers, and copy your data back over.

    If you don't have removable media to back it up you have a couple easy options.
    1) Copy the data over to your laptop via network
    2) Burn to DVD's

    I don't even understand how your system is set up and why you would dual boot Vista and 7. Nor how "they are both partitioned on your C drive." So, here's a lesson for you: Do it right the first time.

    Best of luck.

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    From his past posts I feel like he said he doesn't have time because he doesn't actually know how. Just taking a wild guess.
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