Ok guys, now that we actually have moderators around here, I think we need to put some rules out there. This forum has been pretty good by itself, but Im just going to lay these down anyways.

Rule #1 : This is the most important rule of all. NO POSTING ABOUT ILLEGAL ACTIVITY. PERIOD. Your Uncle has a gun he converted to full auto? We don't want to hear about it. You sawed off your shotgun. Don't want to hear about it. Shot a deer out of a moving car at night and out of deer season? Guess what? We don't want to hear about it. Now if you have a short barreled rifle or shotgun or a full auto that was legally obtained, and you have the NFA tax stamp, then we DO want to hear about it.

Rule #2: Lets keep it civilized. Arguing is fine, but personal attacks are not. Cussing is also fine, as long as its not blatant profanity posted just for the purpose of cursing. Racist remarks will not be tolerated at all.

Rule #3: No NSFW photos. If you want to post anything that's NWS, post it in Flames.

Rule #4: This isn't really a rule, so much as it's a suggestion. Blur out serial numbers on your firearms if you post pictures of them.

Rule #5: Try to stay away from one word responses. I'd like posts in the forum to have some content besides "cool" to them.

Feel free to contact me or Atomic with any questions.