I picked this thing up a while back. About 2 weeks after I got the FNP 45 Tactical. I had to hide this one from my girlfriend. But I have so many guns she has no idea whats new and what Ive been having. I was playing with it the day I got it when she walked in and she was none the wiser. lol

Its a Steyr M9-A1. I had heard about them a while back, and they looked pretty cool. I was able to find one on Gun Broker for right under $500, so I snatched it up. Its incredibly ergonomic. Ive only shot a few mags through it since I got it, but I can say its definitely the lowest recoil 9mm I have. I mean just look at how slim the slide is. It has a very low bore axis. And the sights are cool. I really like them. I havent tried them out at longer distances, but at up to 20 yards, they are dead on and pretty fast.

Heres a picture of what the sights look like. They are called trapezoidal sights.

Also, that makes my 19th gun. Im thinking my 20th will be an M1 Garand.