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Police arrested a man Tuesday who was strolling down a Broad Ripple sidewalk naked, according to a report from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.When police asked Leonard Fodera, 19, why he was nude in public, he told them he just wanted to feel free and do what he wanted, according to the report.
Witnesses first reported seeing the naked man near 65th Street and Westfield Boulevard. By the time police located him, he was walking in the 800 block of East Lavarock Road.

Among his explanations for his behavior, Fodera also told police that Tuesday was “opposite day.” That meant, he said, that he could dispense with the usual custom of wearing clothes.

An officer at the scene had a ready response.

“In that case, you are not going to jail for public indecency,” an officer said, according to the report.

I saw this the other day on the local news and heard a few people talk about it as I've been around town. Made me chuckle. Broad Ripple is a pretty well known booze fueling station in central Indiana, so if he was of age he should have gotten some credit and free drinks.