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The Wild Adventures of Mad Pino Rage

Read up on the adventures of Mad Pino Rage! While most of us are privvy to normal lives of sitting in front of the computer, letting our fingers and v-cards gather clumps of Dorito chips cheese powder, and with shitty techno blaring at max volume, Mad Pino Rage is off fighting the ignoramuses crowding our stores, loitering around fast food alleys, and seducing chubby debutants with unneccessarily large poofy hair and wearing spandex pants in high heels.

If you're interest in joining the fan club and getting your own decoder ring to read up on his more secret "adult" ventures please make sure you are a registered member of Casual Discourse and post here. You'll receive a decoder ring within 6 to 8 weeks!

Mad Pino Rage has no blog entries to display.